The few guidelines for good living, which I know work for me. That is, whenever I follow them, and whenever I do not - I regret.

These are the lines I wish I can follow. And for me, this is what I wish I'd known, rather than PaulGraham's "What You'll Wish You'd Known" essay.

These guidelines nicely reflect in the following quetes:

Which gets me to the (nonAnti)Guidelines: The last one taken from: I don't know who this guy is, but I overheard him say that on telly, and that's very smart! (I apply his metaphore to computer programming - coding, but can be applied to anythong). 'Yourself' - an illusion, don't be pulled by the random forces that say "O, that's interesting; hmmm, that is not" - serve the role, the thing that you set yourself to do.