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Quick: mirrHeb.ttf.zipTrueTypeFonts

First, install some mirrored-hebrew fonts on your system. A bit more details are again, on the 'seeing page.

I'm using 8bit char encoding, which is entirely not unlike the various ISO-8859 encodings
Now, I've personally only edited such text on ViM, so I don't have any personal motivation to do any furthur setting-up. However, if you do comeup with any different scheme, please write me, and I'll post it here. The issues on any editor/system would be (1) displaying the fonts correctly (2) mapping the keyboard (3) saving the file in the right encoding.
Personally, I don't have any system with 'normal' hebrew installed, so I do not know how it works with such systems.
Writing mirrored hebrew HTMLs (or RTFs or whatever)

The scheme I'm using, is using specific font names, and high-MSB on 8bit chars. The later I like (thought I'd rather be using UTF-8 or something, but I'm too lazy to set that up, I've very ignorant about all the typesetting standarts, and I just wanted something that works), but the specific font thingy I don't like at all. Please mail me if you know some 'right' scheme of how to link a list of alternative fonts or whatever, to an 'X-user-mirr-heb' tag or whatever.